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Adessa Innovations has deep brand experience. From leading the launch of a new name & logo to modernizing an existing identity, showing the world who you are is the most important step in your journey as a financial institution.

Launching a new brand.

One of the largest not-for-profit financial institutions in the U.S. was also unfortunately one of the best kept secrets in the communities it served. Watching more customers exit than enter, the President & CEO turned to the knowledgeable team at Adessa Innovations for help.

The company’s visual identity had not changed in over twenty years, and no longer signaled to clients who they are today: modern, intensely dedicated, and deeply involved in their communities. In fact, customers were not even aware of the many technological advancements the financial institution offered, due to its outdated and unchanged identity.

Adessa led the financial institution through the process of creating a new legal name, logo, color palette, website and verbal & visual identity. The new launch generated double-digit increases in brand awareness and consideration! Within six months, the financial institution’s average customer age  reduced by over 5 years, having successfully appealed to a growing younger generation.


Adessa Innovations has been at the forefront of data engineering, enablement and activation for over ten years. From building customer data platforms to standing up Salesforce integrations, using data intelligently is at the core of what we do.

Attribution modeling.

One of the nation’s largest bank mortgage lenders watched their client acquisition costs double, putting the profitability of their mortgage business and its future at-risk.

A small-but-mighty team at Adessa Innovations inserted into the bank’s mortgage marketing and data teams quickly and uncovered a lack of CDP (customer data platform) as well as outdated media mix and attribution modeling techniques.

The team was engaged to lead the stand-up of a CDP and integration into the existing CRM as well as build out a data team with enhanced media mix modeling and a shift from last touch to omnichannel attribution.

Not only was the average cost per acquisition cut in half within the first three months, it reduced by another third after six months of training the data models and implementing ongoing optimizations.


Whether banks realize it or not, technology can deliver a brand experience more meaningful than an in-person encounter. As customers expect a simple and intuitive digital experience, Adessa Innovations has led financial institutions in digital transformation


The CIO of a mid-sized national bank knew she needed to modernize, but wasn’t sure where to start when it came to building a digital client experience that matched the bank’s brand promise of delivering personalized solutions.

Instead of a UI or UX “facelift”, Adessa Innovations helped lead a core platform search, conversion and integration into a more modern and open core system.  This enabled the Bank to choose the technology partners to integrate with and greatly reduce the speed to market of new experiences and solutions for customers.

The digital transformation roadmap, although founded in a replatform, included onboarding digital banking, payments, and data enablement providers.  The multiple technology conversions enabled the bank to move from monthly sprints to weekly sprints and real-time optimizations, reducing average velocity by over 36%.

Net Promoter and Customer Effort Scores also improved as the team incorporated real-time customer feedback into the backlog, launching improvements more quickly and seamlessly.

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